About Me

I'm born on 24 march 1971 in a city of Kazanlak (Bulgaria). Small city situated in the central part of the country , in famous Vally of Rousses. Of 14 years age I start to learn CW in LZ1KKZ club station in my city teached by Andray Totev LZ1RB and later become a member of kids HST team.From 1985 become a team leader of shcool radio amateur station LZ1KWZ and start to participate in international HF Contests.I get my first license in year 1988 LICENSE CLASS C and then become a member of LZ1KOZ (LZ5W).In this time of my live i meet my new teacher of HF Contesting Nasko LZ1YE who were a chairman of LZ5W team.One from the first modern radio station LZ1KOZ(LZ1YE) was build on Konprinka dam near by Kazanlak city.The technical stuff were projected by Nasko LZ1YE and a lot of guys take a part of this project.Marin LZ1RW,Marian LZ7DX(LZ1DNY), Aleko LZ3ZZ,Miro LZ1MBU,Don LZ1OJ,Mikele LZ1OP,Andrey LZ1RB and more.Sorry if I miss somebody. The first we set 4 x 25 meters towers and first yagi was on 20m 6 el long on 27m boom.First in Bulgaria 4 el. long yaggy for 40m on 26m boom.First 6 el. wire yagi for 80m with a option to be rotated from 310 to 45 degree.A lot of work and a lot of fun.We win a many trophys in local and international competitions.From 1994-2010 I stoped with my hobby.The political situation in Bulgaria a change after 1990 and dicede to go wrok in Netherland as a software writer.I live there for 7 years.In 2001 I come back in Bulgaria and start my own Bussines.Sinse 2001 i livand work in Bulgaria.2004 a become a father.Thanks God I have a doughter.2010 accidentally I meet old friends from the club and EVERITHING START AGAIN.My main hobby is contesting ,HST and SO2R operating.sinse 2010 I've made a lot of contests DXpeditions and travels all over the world.In end of 2015 I meet Krassi LZ1ZD again and become a member of LZ9W and LZ Contest Team.

Plam LZ3XX (ex. LZ1DCW)